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A Hidden Gem for filmmakers and film enthusiasts

Right Outside New York City


Located in picturesque downtown Ridgewood, NJ. Just a train ride from Manhattan.

Ridgewood NJ - Mark your calendars for the 9th Annual Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival. This growing festival is the place to be for action and excitement in Ridgewood this spring. The festival starts with a screening of Oscar-winning film ROMA and other world films at the Ridgewood Public Library, continues with its main nights at the Bow Tie Cinema in Ridgewood on April 24th and 25th, both nights which start off with an exciting Red Carpet in front of the theater. After Thursday's Premiere showing of the film Hollywould, the festival is featuring a Hollywood-style After Party with its cast and crew and including many of the Filmmakers at Felina’s Restaurant in Ridgewood. 

The festival continues with a Human Rights Festival at the Unitarian Church in Ridgewood. Along with the premiere of a new independent film Hollywould starring Eric Roberts. This film festival boasts over 150 films in total. There are documentaries, animation, shorts, music videos, experimental video, web/new media and digital shorts. The prices are reasonable compared to other film festivals and offers a lot of entertainment at a small price. For those not familiar with film festivals, the two main nights are pay one price to attend as many films as you want for the night.

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190 E Ridgewood Ave,

Ridgewood, NJ 07450